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Hello, I' M ChaVonne 

The Momma Whisperer AKA Your StepMOM Coach

That can be biomom drama or babymama drama. However you roll, I can help you through it all!

If you were to ask me to describe myself in three words, I would give you four: grown, sexy, crazy, and cool! Oh, and I almost forgot, bold. I love everything about myself, from my strengths to imperfections. This is because I  know I'm a child of the most High God. I'm known for having a fun spirit and an ability to help out those in need. But it wasn’t until the birth of my child that this journey truly began…

As a single parent, I put everything I could into being a good role model. So I worked hard to keep a balanced family life while achieving my goals. And this got me thinking…how can I help other single parents who are in my situation?

During this time, I met a handsome man with children of his own. Together, we started a perfect, blended family and the rest was storybook history…well sorta, Okay not at all really! With this new family came four additional biological mothers added to the mix! But I was intent on making it work. Over the years, I studied what made blended families gel and used these techniques (with a whole lot of prayer) to create harmony in my household. Soon after, I started sharing what I knew with other women. And that’s when the true change started to happen. 

My inspiration for Blended Family Bliss comes from personal experience. As a young woman, I  was introduced to this concept through my loving and compassionate stepmother. I learned early on that when families blend together in the right way, beautiful things happen. I thank God every day for allowing me to live up to my potential as both a strong mother and a smart, sexy woman with endless possibilities. My leadership and understanding have transformed the lives of many women and their blended families over the years. Today,  I'm happily married to an amazing husband and a blended family that consists of both of our kids. If anyone knows Blended Family Bliss, it’s me!

Are you in need of some Blended Family Bliss? I'm here to help! I've been exactly where you’ve been before, and guess what? I can help you work it out! This mentorship is grounded in strong Godly principles, tested by my own experiences and experiences of the women I've met over the years. You too can experience bliss.

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