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Aside from the Step Mom Power Course, I also offer group sessions to service women in a group environment. This allows my clients to create a community and a support group. When you feel down, we’ll be there to help you process the stress of working with the bio-mom and taking care of your kids. These sessions have been designed to empower and connect you to like-minded stepmothers who want what you want—blended family bliss.
We don’t sugar coat the problems, or sit around and wish our troubles away. We get to the heart of your issues so real change can happen. After each session, my clients feel fulfilled, stronger, and have a sense of purpose. They understand their role as the pillar of their household. If you need strong shoulders to lean on, this group is for you!
No matter what your blended situation is, we can help! Contact us today to learn more about what ChaVonne can do to give you Blended Family Bliss.



 Foucing on the four main problem area that bring blened familys down  

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Ace the Course, Change Your Family! Make Blended Family Bliss Yours By Signing Up For This Course!

Your blended family can be whatever you want it to be, but how do you get there? It takes love, help and support to keep it together, while you figure things out. This is where Blended Family Bliss comes in! This program was created to help you balance your role as a mother figure with the crazy demands of living up to your family’s expectation and bio-mom drama. Not to mention your mental and emotional wellbeing.

With this program,as we work together you’ll feel great about your role in your family,again! Most importently you’ll feel like you are in contol your family.   You’ll have everything you need to take on the day, no matter what’s going on with the love of your life or your “less than perfect” kids. Below you’ll find a brief description of each module.