Take The Challenge Pintrest

Calm & Confident Stepmotherhood is yours for the taking.

When you have done all you know how, and you think you have to figure out how to deal with your blended family all alone.  


You are just tired of ALL the BIO MAMA DRAMA....

  • Part of you is waiting on the drama to hit, since everything is a power play, while you really just hope she will just let things be for once. 
  • Your husband's ex thrives on Drama, and uses every opportunity to create it in your life.  
  • Being a wife is enough now you have the pressure of being the "2nd wife"

What if there was a you did not have to feel frustrated or angry when it came time to deal with the BIO MOM Drama. 

So you deal with one are maybe even two Bio MOM's what if you had four. Well I did and that is how I know it to be true that you can put a stop to the BIOMOM DRAMA I did with all four of them. 

Just because his ex is toxic does not mean you have to feel upset to the point you hate to hear her name. 

Just by being a part of the six week group program made just for STEPmoms like you....