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What Type of StepMOM Are You ? Part 1

I want to discuss the step mom quiz. Some of you may have been the Stiletto, which is the Evil Stepmother, some of you may have been the Sandal which is the rebel, some of you may have been the wedge which is the balance and some of you may have been the sneaker which is the silent step mom.


Let’s go over the stiletto style AKA EVIL…


The first question was:

1. “How do you refer to your StepKIDS?”

This EVIL type of StepMOM would say the little brats or the hell raisers… LOL. This is not coming from a place of anger, but from a place of frustration this happens to all parents when kids are not behaving properly.  And because sometimes the bio-parents haven’t set up a proper plan for the kid’s discipline, and now you’re part of that. The kid’s behavior is directly correlated to this, and so they DO become little hell raisers.


2. “What is your most interaction with your StepKIDS mom?”

This StepMOM would say, nonexistent, sometimes you don’t have anything to say and you just use your poker face ‘cause you don’t want to deal with it.


3. “When it comes to household rules if you’re an Evil StepMOM you become that lone ranger”

Why? Because you’re the only one establishing rules and it’s a tricky situation because people will tell you… How can you dictate what’s gonna be done and what not?


4. “How do you think your step kids feel about you?”

You’re a key player, but they’re only gonna call you in when they need you, and that’s where you can learn from the other StepMOM types on when to be silent and when to be sincere.


5. “How do you support your husband when there are problems?”

You need to think about whether your action is going to help or make it worse because sometimes we try to come in and save the situation but maybe that isn’t what needs to be done.


Evil StepMOMs refer to their blended family as a work in progress and that is okay because things can always get better, she feels her voice is heard loud and clear because she’s want to make sure her desires are known. The question we need to ask ourselves is do we communicate so loud and clear that they barely listen to us?

Check out part two, where we’ll talk about the REBEL StepMOM!