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The Bonus To Being BonusMOM

Hello lovely ladies! This week’s topic covers some of the benefits of being a BonusMOM. I’ll mention each of the four but to make sure you take it all in the video is embedded below so make sure to watch and let us know which other benefits you think you bring to the table, remember this is YOUR community, your sacred space where you can talk about your worries, anxieties, fears, triumphs etc.

We are here for you!


Without further ado, here are the four benefits!


  1. You are like a third eye: meaning you have an impartial outlook on what goes on in the household related to your step kids because you’re not blinded by the feelings that all bio parents have for their kids at times. This DOES NOT mean in any way that you love them any less, but that you’re able to see things are they are when your partner may not have that ability.

  2. You get to nurture, which can override nature: I have the perfect example, I was a bit disorganized as a kid, just like my Dad was, but when my StepMOM came into the picture she was able to provide me a structure that I’m still oh so thankful for to this day, she showed me a different way to do things and that has enabled me to achieve so many goals.

  3. You have something unique to offer: You should never feel like you have to fill in the biomom’s shoes, whether she’s in the picture of not, remember you bring something different and unique to the table and that’s what you should focus on and celebrate.

  4. There is a certain joy in knowing you’re not responsible for some outcomes: this may sound silly, but if your stepkid only has one dimple and wished they had one on each side, you can have the comfort in knowing he/she didn’t get the one dimple from you, HA!


Check the complete video BELOW!


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