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Stepmom's Guide to Christmas Shopping Part 2


Maybe you have a certain way that you buy for your kid and maybe you're clueless if that will work for your StepKids if this is you keep reading.


  I was talking to an awesome stepmom just like you and she was telling me about this article she was reading about buying three different gifts for all of her kids, you know one gift was something they need, the other one something they wanted and the last gift was something that was magical, something traditional something that would have sentimental value so to speak and that could either be a homemade gift or something like a keepsake type of thing.



Sometimes DIY projects can be de-stressing and more meaningful than only store-bought gifts, is there anything you would like to say to your stepkids? Expressing yourself through means other than verbal communication is at times more effective because you feel less pressured, maybe having face to face conversations is hard for you or maybe you don't know how to express how you feel. When you give someone a gift that you've put a lot of thought into it lets them know how much you really care about them and how much you want them to be happy, which I think is the end goal for every stepmom to be able to make their stepkids understand that they love them just as much as their own or as if they were their own (if you are not at this stage yet don't worry just know that is can happen if need be).