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What about me?

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At certain times I can’t help but feel like I’m being put on the back burner, especially when my husband does not support me in the way I need him to do so in a way I can really feel it. As a stepmom sometimes it is hard to deal with your own needs, in my case I have four StepKids and one BioKid, so my husband and I find ourselves very busy, that’s without taking work into account and his mom who is very independent but approaching 80, so what gives?


How meny other needs should come before my own?

I understand that our kids have needs, I understand his mom needs a little more then she use to in the past, but I can’t shake off the feeling of what about me? And I know you’ve been there too at times, so, there are different ways for us to handle this as wives:


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What I’m choosing to do is, being conscious of the conversation that I have with myself about what is going on this means I won’t tell myself oh he rather do all those things instead of spending time with me the worst harm that can be inflicted on one is by oneself, sometimes our mind acts like our worst enemy in critical times.

"I know he needs my understanding, but what abour what I need?"


I’m aware that if all of this wasn’t happening, if he wasn’t pulled in so many directions this would not be happening and here comes a very important fact, in order for this to work, you have to know your husband, you have to know his character and then be able to realize this is just a phase and not permanent, life always comes with different trials and challenges and it is up to us to endure them.


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I always keep it real with you guys because it would be very easy for me to just say oh yeah, we can do this and it is easy and you will find bliss and life is not all happiness, life is a combination of situations some can say both good and bad, but I would rather not categorize them like that and just say they’re all lessons.



What I can say is that I am here for all of you, that I can relate to you on the deepest level because I go through the same things you go through everyday and that the techniques I give you to deal with these feelings are the same techniques I apply to my own life, so I hope they’re of service to you.


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