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StepMOM Self-Love vs Self-Care

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Hi lovely ladies! 

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite subjects. Yeah, this is probably not a surprise to you, ‘cause I talk about it all the time. I could go on and on and give you a very intricate explanation about why Self-Love and Self-Care are so different yet at the same time equally important. I will try to summarize this in an interesting way. 

Self-Love is the foundation for everything. Yes, you heard me right. Health, happiness, inner peace. You may ask yourselves why, but the reality is that without love there is nothing. So if you lack self-love, it’ll be very hard for you to have a fulfilling life. Now, self-care stems from self-love. It is comprised of the actions that we do to keep that balance in our lives and to nurture us in such a way as if we were our own parents.

As stepmoms we are used to putting our blended family's needs before ours, but this couldn't be more wrong. Because, when we are not nurtured properly, chances are, we are not giving them our best either. There has to be a necessary balance between what you give out to the world and what you give yourself.

The building block for health, happiness & inner peace.

The building block for health, happiness & inner peace.


We almost always use the two terms interchangeably, and that is not correct because they’re not synonyms. They’re strongly related, but one is not the same as the other. Now, how can you know if you’re practicing self-love and not self-care? Well that part is a bit trickier, but I will try to give you a few tips:

Pay attention to both thoughts and feelings. Most people only pay attention to their thoughts and not to their feelings. You gotta tend to both.

  • Do daily check-ins: Ask yourself how you’re feeling and why you’re feeling that way. Don’t settle for an immediate "I don’t know" response. You do know. You just gotta dig deeper.

  • Do things that make you genuinely happy: The 5000 dollar purse is not gonna make you genuinely happy. That is instant gratification, and the problem with that is that it doesn’t last long.

  • Eat healthy: I cannot stress enough the impact the food we put into our bodies has on our moods.

  • Be thankful: This may sound cheesy and tacky, but a lot of people pray for what you already have. Also, gratitude makes you feel more abundant.

I will be digging deeper into this subject because Self-love is what got me into this path and I want to share that with all of you. Share it with any other StepMOMS you think might need this. 

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