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What Would You Do for Love?

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Hi, lovely stepmom!

Today I want to talk about what we do or what we would do for love. Tell me: is your love song a happy song or a sad song? How did your story start?

Did you fall in love with a wonderful man who checked all your "totally" boxes, some of the "maybe" boxes, and absolutely no deal breakers? Not even the children were deal breakers? You loved this man so much that for you it didn’t matter how many kids he had. It didn’t matter if you were the second, third or fourth wife. You took everything about him, and you loved him. 


Would you do it all over again?

Because sometimes being a Stepmom can be a lonely ride.

Sometimes you will be asked the next question: Would you do it all over again? Knowing what you know now about being a stepmom? Knowing that sometimes this ride can be a lonely ride, one where you feel unheard or even forgotten at times?

Is your love for this man so big that you can extend it to his children and then love them as your own? Or do you only pretend to love them because they’re there? Can you love them for the human beings that they are and because of their inherent value? 

Ask yourself that question. Be honest, and if you’re not there yet, that is okay too. Maybe you’re not ready for that yet. Maybe the ex is making it hard for you. Or maybe the children are going through their own process without any input from their mom, but still,  they don't feel completely welcoming of you in their life.

None of these things are easy and we will find ourselves singing a different tune such as "what does love have to do with it" when it comes to dealing with reoccurring StepMOM Issues.

When you can accept where you are right now and then work from there to BLENDED FAMILY BLISS. (Okay maybe not just a snap of a finger, but possible)  

Now tell me: what would you do for love?

Love for your StepKids...

Love for your Husband...

Love for Yourself...

That's right STEPMOMS NEED LOVE TOO!  And 5 Days of Stepmom Apprication is just what you need.