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What is Blended Family Bliss.

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What is Blended Family Bliss?


Being a step mom is not an easy job. God knows it, I know it… but with the help of my loving husband we managed to get the hang of it and transform it into something beautiful. My own life experience inspired me to share the knowledge I gained through this crazy and amazing ride, giving me the opportunity to now offer it to YOU awesome step moms so you can create the same bliss for your families as well.


I was a single mother, until I found an awesome man who had four kids by four different women. I thought to myself: “Chavonne, this is too much to handle, I don’t know if I can do this…” but then I reconsidered and said, you know what? I can… this man is worth it, I’m worth it, the love that we share is worth it and I decided to give it a go.


The rest is history…


Let me share with you the four key components that allowed me to find bliss:


  • Make sure you take care of yourself: It’s not only about looking and feeling pretty, it’s very important to have a great self-esteem, but the most important thing is to have the right mindset, you can’t create blended family bliss if you’re thinking only about yourself, your needs and wants.

  • Work on communication with your partner: There will be times when you won’t be included in activities with his kids, or you won’t include him in activities with your kids, the important thing here is for you to talk about your feelings and how each different situation triggers a certain emotion. It’s no lie when they say communication is EVERYTHING.

  • Make peace with the biological moms of your kids: We all know that baby mama drama, I had to overcome it, realize that… for better or worse these people are in your partner’s life, your kid’s life and your life, the sooner you realize this the sooner you’ll be able to understand how to make it work.

  • Build a relationship with your stepkids: To be able to make it work you need to create a relationship with your stepkids, you need to genuinely care for them, whilst making sure you create a blended environment between your kids (if you have any) and your partner’s kids.


I can’t wait to share with you all the secrets and tips to create that blended family bliss and I can’t wait to have YOU join me in this amazing journey to create bliss.


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